Hello world! My name is Kalwabed Rizki. You can call me Albed. I live in Indonesia, precisely in the easternmost regency on the island of Java, namely Banyuwangi. You will usually pass through this regency if you want to go to Bali Island from Java.

I started programming since I was in vocational high school. I got a lot of knowledge from there. The technologies I was familiar with at that time were: PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, and CodeIgniter. I think I was quite successful with that technology by making an application for warehouse management, which of course still has many shortcomings.

The technology that I usually use to build a web on the frontend is of course React.js, and Next.js. In terms of styling, I usually use Tailwindcss, Chakra UI, and previously also used Bootstrap. Sometimes for styling I use CSS-in-JS solutions like Emotion, but I'm not that familiar with it and would like to learn more. For backend/API I usually use Express.js, and headless CMS like Strapi. I use Typescript more in every project because why not. I'm also interested in learning Golang, and maybe it will be my next programming language.

Day-to-day I work full-time at VNT Networks as a full-stack developer. I'm also an undergraduate student of Informatics at Amikom University, Yogyakarta. Outside of my job, I like to make things out of the ideas that pop into my head. I'll probably put it later on the projects page on this website.